Twine, No More (at least here)

By Brian Moakley Oct 16, 2023

UPDATE: I’ve reverted everything back to this site.

A long time ago, I wrote a bunch of articles on how to write interactive fiction stories using Twine. People really liked them and I liked putting them together. Over time though, I found that I wanted this space be a little more intimate, focused on books and writing.

So, I’ve moved all my Twine stuff over to another site. You can now find all my tutorial stuff at! This is just me under a different name.

Right now, I’ve setup all my tutorial stuff to bounce over there. That said, you are welcome to ask me questions here.


By Brian Moakley

Brian Douglas Moakley is a writer and technologist who lives amongst the quiet hills in New England. When not reading tales of high adventure, he is often telling such stories to all who will listen.

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