Not too long ago, YouTube announced a new rule of sorts that sent the tube-sphere in a bit of a tizzy. The rule basically states that monetizing videos is no longer an option for channels with less than 10k lifetime views.

In a nutshell, when you start a new channel, don’t expect to make any money right away. I had read about this when I was at my company’s conference, but recently, I was asked my opinion during my weekly livestreams.

Two things about this. First, YouTubers love controversy.

Controversy equals clicks, clicks equal eyeballs, and eye balls equal watch time. The greater the watch time, the better search results which equals more eye balls, etc, etc.

When ever there is a slight YouTube policy change, an army of YouTubers will get out front and center and sell their outrage, creating an echo chamber of sorts. It doesn’t matter the intent of the policy or if the policy is even attempting to fix a long standing issue. YouTubers will scream bloody murder.  While I am tempted to produce rebuttal videos, I’d be just feeding the beast only in an inverse manner.

So, I write articles instead! 😛
I can’t stand the echo chamber. It’s not that I may disagree with the prevailing views. Rather, I abhor the cash grab nature of it. At best, it dilutes the premise, because the real premise isn’t the stated outage, but to make money / views off of it.

All right … my thoughts about the actual policy. Honestly, this isn’t a big deal. Of course, if you are a new channel struggling to get only a hundred views – this may be a very big deal indeed. Which brings me to my second point:

You shouldn’t focus on monetizing when starting out. When building a channel, you need to get used to producing timely content, making and keeping to a schedule, and of course, balancing the needs of your audience with what you would like to do.

In time, your audience will come, but in the mean time, focus on the basics first. If you already know how to grow an audience, market your videos, and sell your content, that 10k will go by in a flash. In the meantime, use it as a benchmark.

Because here’s the thing — if you are struggling to reach 10k, then chances are, you won’t receive any money for a long time. We’re talking about ten bucks here by the roughest of estimates. Unless you are partnered with an MCN, it’s going to be a long while indeed before you see any money as Google requires you to reach $100 in ad revenue before paying you.

So focus on the small things, and the money situation will take care of itself so long as you are committed to your channel.

And of course, for the love of god, please don’t feed the echo chamber! I drink enough booze as it is. 😀