Old Time Radio

A long long time ago (twenty years, to be exact) in galaxy actually quite nearby, I started this website as as way to post interesting things as well provide links to old time radio shows.

My father was a huge fan of old time radio and as I grew up in the eighties, our family vacations were often punctuated by a variety of old time radio shows. I remember listening to the shows in the back of my father’s station wagon, staring at the stars overhead and getting lost in both space and time.

For a time, getting shows was really difficult. You have to buy specialty collections at stores but those usually only contained the most popular entries. The good stuff was hard to find.

So, I started posting my collection on this site as a way to share. I did this for years and garnered a bit of traffic from it. Around 2007, I found myself growing tired of old time radio. I had listened to hundreds of episodes and while the pulp storytelling was wonderful, a lot of the stories fell into the same cliches.

These days, I no longer listen to old time radio. There’s no real reason to distribute them as the Internet Archive has everything you could want and more. There’s also Zoot Radio. That’s a website run by an old friend of mine, John. We used to work together and talk old time radio over lunch.

In any case, thanks for stopping by. Thank you also for supporting this site throughout the years. While this site has worn many faces, it is still the same old Jezner.com – whatever that may be.

All the best!