I’ve been a gamer my entire life from my early days of playing on the Atari to the latest gems on the PS5. I have to say, of the thousands games that I have played, Infocom games are my most loved.

I played with my dad, my brother, and friends around the neighborhood. We’d spent our summer days working out solutions to what seemed like impossible puzzles (and some were – I’m looking at you, Zork 3 Royal Puzzle).

Recently I bought a new Mac and decided to revisit the classics. I found that it took a little sweat and elbow grease to get the Infocom games working on the Mac but they do work on the latest M1 Macs.

If you need a little walkthrough to play Infocom games on an M1 Mac, then follow along. You’ll have your text adventures running in no time!

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