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Sometimes Boys Don’t Know by Donyae Coles

Growing up in the eighties, horror was everywhere. There were tons of magazines, anthology television shows, and my oh my, horror films galore. Unfortunately, the vast majority of this content was written by middle age white dudes.

Mind you, I have no problem with middle age white dudes. After all, I am such a dude. But in the eighties, white dudes had a monoculture of horror.

Donyae Coles takes that perspective and turns it on its head in her short story, “Sometimes Boys Don’t Know” and it is very much worth the read.

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Crystal Lake Memories

When I was a kid – and I’m about to age myself here – Friday the 13th was huge. With each year, we got a new sequel that featured sex-starved teens murdered by a very soft-spoken hockey enthusiast (or his mom).

Watching these movies was a rite of passage as a kid. Every sleepover party featured a Friday the 13th movie. We all pretended to watch when in truth, most of us closed our eyes during the bloody parts. Or at least, I did.

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