I find it kind of funny when going back through my Hall of Creep archive that most of the shows have been produced by Suspense. I promise that the next update will be of a different show. For the time being, here’s a show that really creeped me out back in the day. Imagine, if you will, that you are out driving in a rather derelict part of the world, and instead of taking the known route, you take an off traveled route. Now, imagine if you just heard an axe murderer escaped from the local insane asylum, and your car just happens to run out of gas. Stuck in pouring rain with no place to go, you hear a knock on the window from a woman seeking shelter in the rain. Such is premise of this show, and it is creepy. It stars Cary Grant who does a great job at freaking you out. Enjoy!

Suspense — On a Country Road — November 16, 1950