A Look Back

Old Time RadioThere’s a nice little reminiscing article over at wickedlocal.com. In it, the author looks back to the glory days of old time radio, reflecting on the stars and the music of the time. There’s a great part of the article mentioning that Boston University now holds a collection of four thousand old time radio shows. I found this funny because that seems to be an average amount of episodes that a typical otr fan has accumulated. This is a good read. Enjoy!

Growing Older: Reminiscences about old-time radio shows

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  1. Tom Woolf Says:

    Very cool. I remember listening to the Van Cristo Radio Theater when I went to BU in the 1970s – I had just started collecting and would have to schedule taping time with my reel-to-reel around other school activities. I even used some of those programs on my own short-lived radio program on WTBU, the BU closed circuit radio station. Thanks for sharing.

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