Hall of Fame: Bloodbath

EscapeSean mentioned this episode awhile back, and oh yeah, it is a good one. Imagine traveling to a lush jungle with half a dozen guys and discovering the equivalent of a billion dollars in uranium. Do you think your relationship would last? After all, the first one back to civilization is the one who gets to file the claim. This is the premise of this story. A group of prospectors lead by Vincent Price make the trip of a lifetime which ends not in glory, but rather, lie, deceit, and of course, a bloodbath. This is an awesome episode. Enjoy.

Escape – Bloodbath – June 30, 1950

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  1. mike newton Says:

    Classic Escape episode narrated by Vincent Price. I like this one better than Three Skeleton Key. Price’s description of how his companions die from being eaten by pyrannas or a huge python (which would be hard to believe if you saw it on the screen) creates memorable images in your mind. The author James Poe could have written it for one of those pulp magazines of the Fifties. Escape often used short stories from various authors which were adapted into radio scripts. How Price finally got to civilization is an escape clause worthy of a movie serial scriptwriter.

  2. David Jepson Says:

    Tried to put this program on MP3 and it wont work just garbled noise;Why

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