Old Time Radio on Sirius?

Sirius RadioIf you have satellite radio and you are interested in listening to some old time radio on your commutes and such, Ben wrote to me pointing out www.gregbellblog which is the host of an old time radio show on Sirius. Right now, he has a list of show times in pdf format. There also appears to a whole lot of information regarding old time radio in general. Looks like a great find. Thanks Ben!

3 Responses to “Old Time Radio on Sirius?”

  1. Ben Says:

    Radio Classics is on Sirius satellite radio channel 118 and XM satellite radio channel 164.

  2. satellite radio Says:

    satellite radio…

    I am happy that I found a post related to satellite radio here….

  3. rick clare Says:

    i am & over the road trucker. i think you nd a lot more play’s then u hav i think i have heard them all many time’s over and i know like dragnet and gun smoke were on the radio 4 so long that there has to b more play’s around as the one’s you hav are gettin old hat could you pls look into thxs i’m tired of all the re run’s to many time’s

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