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OTR Review: Lights Out – Death Robbers

In this LIghts Out episode, a scientist tries to bring the dead back to life, starting with his own wife.

OTR Review: The Hungry One

The Hungry One features a disembodied head trying to eat humans. If you think it sounds silly, then you’d be right.

OTR Review: Bloodbath

In this Escape episode, a group of adventurers seek uranium in the jungle and find themselves a bloodbath instead.

Audiobook Review: Cell

Stephen King dips his toe in the zombie genre by crafting a story about the end of the world brought about by cell phones.

OTR Review: Lights Out – Oxychloride X

In this Light’s Out episode, a college student, desperate to be accepted, accomplishes something beyond imagination and horror.

Audiobook Review: High Midnight

High Midnight tells the story of an insane clown posse crashing a small Texan town during a zombie apocalypse. And yes, it gets weirder from there.

OTR Review: Lights Out – The Dark

In this Lights Out episode, titled The Dark, a pair of doctors respond to call that features a crazy woman and a quivering body turned inside out.

Audiobook Review: Rendezvous with Rama

An alien craft arrives in the solar system providing a world within a world and secrets beyond imagination.

Delayed Posting Schedule

Uggh … looks like the flu decided to pay me a visit.

OTR Review: Three Skeleton Key

A derelict ship crashes against a key, unleashing a torrent of flesh eating rats on the occupants of a lighthouse.

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