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Audiobook Review: Horrorstor

There’s nothing like a haunted IKEA to get the blood pumping.

OTR Review: The Big Hit and Run

In this episode of Dragnet, Friday and Romero hunt down the owner of a bakery truck involved in a brutal hit and run.

Audiobook Review: The Bloody Crown of Conan

This second Conan anthology covers two mediocre stories, and one amazing one that is worth the price of admission.

OTR Review: The Thing on the Fourble Board

A group of oil drillers drill too deep and bring up something conceived in a nightmare. And that’s only the start of the horror.

Audiobook Review: Night of the Living Trekkies

Night of the Living Trekkies combines the best of Star Trek with that of zombie fiction to produce a book that is hilariously entertaining.

OTR Review: Casting the Runes

A cranky old man puts a curse on a university professor, driving him to the edge of madness.

Audiobook Review: Jam by Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw

Flesh eating jam blankets the city of Brisbane, leaving a small band of slackers trying to survive in the flavorful jam based apocalypse.

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OTR Review: Something for Nothing – X Minus One

If there is anything that this episode teaches us is that if a mysterious device appears on your doorstep, it’s probably best to leave it there. Especially, if a strange man is ripping through the fabric of time and space to get it back.

Audiobook Review: The Hunger Games

Whoever thought watching live action death matches could be so much fun? Maybe those Romans were on to something after all!

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