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Welcome Back – Part Two

With all the lingering tech issues wrapped up in a nice bow (well, in progress at least), some may wonder about the future of the site. To answer that, let’s take a walk in the pas and I promise I… Continue Reading →

Welcome Back – Part One

Just the other day, I was taking stock of all my various websites and when my eyes drifted onto my first ever site of any repute, I saw that I had not posted in almost four years. Wow, I thought…. Continue Reading →

Hall of Fame: Conspiracy

What’s the best way to kill someone and not be caught? The answer … a flood. In this wonderfully creepy episode, Pennycot see such an opportunity happen when his hometown is flooded. He drives ahead of the storm, kills the… Continue Reading →

The Bennett Matter (Part One of Five)

A school worth two hundred thousand dollars burns to ground, killing a janitor in the process. The trouble is … the janitor had previously called the insurance company complaining of the shoddy construction. Accident or Murder? Better give Johnny Dollar… Continue Reading →

Space Patrol Uploaded

Space Patrol fans rejoice. Well, sort of. I’ve uploaded my monstrous collection of nine episodes to the server. Reading the Wikipedia page, it looks like there are at least a hundred other episodes available, but still, it’s a start. I… Continue Reading →

A Look Back

There’s a nice little reminiscing article over at In it, the author looks back to the glory days of old time radio, reflecting on the stars and the music of the time. There’s a great part of the article… Continue Reading →

Hall of Creeps: He Who Follows Me

I don’t know whether I like this episode, or I hate this episode, but one thing is for certain; it kind of disturbs me. It’s not that the episode is outright scary. Actually, quite the contrary, it has a high… Continue Reading →

The Six Shooter

After a week that felt like being drawn and quartered, I return back to Jezner with thirteen new shows added to the library. This is my “extensive” collection of “The Six Shooter”, starring Jimmy Stewart. I wish I can say… Continue Reading →

Site Updates Coming Soon

If you couldn’t tell by the lower rate of posts this month, I’m currently engaged in the busiest time of year at my day job. If I were working retail, this would be the Christmas season and although my own… Continue Reading →

Hall of Creeps: On a Country Road

I find it kind of funny when going back through my Hall of Creep archive that most of the shows have been produced by Suspense. I promise that the next update will be of a different show. For the time… Continue Reading →

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